If your dream is to date Armenian woman, you are not alone! A lot of men from all over Europe and America spend a lot of time and money every year in order to charm the next Caucasian beauty. Some people succeed at this, and others do not for various reasons. In any case, before starting looking for an Armenian lady, it’s worth learning a little about the characteristics of the country, culture, religion, and life of these beautiful women.

Armenia is a small country that borders Turkey, Iran, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Its inhabitants mainly represent European culture. Armenian brides are distinguished by particularly beautiful skin of all color’ shades from snow-white to soft olive, long dark hair, huge dark eyes framed by thick black eyelashes. One day they will be called the most beautiful women on the planet. Having once met an Armenian woman, you will no longer have a way back to the Western type of women.

Reasons to date Armenian mail order brides

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They perfectly cope with the wife’s role; they make great housewife and caring mothers. This quality seriously distinguishes them from Western women, many of whom are trying to build a career or reach other personal heights.


Due to the unusual combination of European and Asian features, women here are quite exotic for foreigners. The combination of light skin and dark hair, dark eyes framed in deep black eyelashes, high cheekbones, short stature, and elegant figure makes them truly mystical beauties. By the way, Kim Kardashian is from Armenia.

Loyal women

Education and cultural characteristics contribute to the fact that girls grow up innocent, and preserve their honor for their husband whom they will cater for all their lives.

Respect the husband

Despite the progressive influence of Europe, Armenians still have serious gender stereotypes. Therefore, single Armenian women are brought up in a family in such a way that the father and husband are the head of the family, he should be honored, respected and obeyed without question. The woman also transfers these traditions to her own family, surrounding her husband with care and affection, respecting his opinion and words.

Online Dating Site to Meet Armenian Brides

armenian mail order brides

So if you are interested in these girls and want to get to meet them for further family creation, dating sites are what you need. We gather the best services for dating Armenian women. They all have a pleasant interface, easy navigation, competitive price, wide database of Armenian brides:


The perfect date with Armenian Women

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If you managed to invite any of the Armenian single ladies for a date, you really want not to spoil it and leave the girl a good impression about yourself and about the event.

Family values

The truth is that many Armenian girls do not go on dates. If your beauty has agreed to meet you, be prepared for the fact that sooner she will invite you at home to introduce you to her family. You might not want to rush things like that, but she won’t meet with you until her family approves you as a candidate. Her parents, brothers, sisters, grandmother, and grandfather want this princess to have all the best, including her husband. Therefore, venturing into relations with an Armenian woman, you should be prepared to make a pleasant first impression on her family. Otherwise, it will all end very soon.

Admiration and respect

These are the 2 emotions that you must prevail. And it’s not a joke. Due to excessive custody and adoration from the family, girls can be spoiled. Accordingly, she will demand the same from you. To indulge her whims, respect her opinion, and admire her – all this is what she will be glad to meet in you. It is better to have sincere emotions since the falsehood will be visible.

Usually, Armenians are excellent cooks, not worse than restaurant ones. If she invites you to have dinner at her home and treats you with traditional dishes, do not refuse. You will be rewarded twice. Firstly, your beautiful lady will be pleased to surprise and treat you, and secondly, Armenian cuisine is really tasty!

Things to avoid on a date with an Armenian woman

Make sure you don’t tell funny stories about meetings with other girls and don’t “pour out” the sorrows of your past breakups. Armenian women for marriage will not accept any other girls. She is the one, and that’s all. Otherwise, her trust in you will be completely lost. As it is said, the first impression may be the last one.

Do not be too emotional and expressive. Most likely, she is looking for a morally and physically strong man for herself. Someone who can stand any trouble, frustration, and resentment. Therefore, you should also control yourself.

What should you talk about

  • Her culture. Armenians are proud of their country and are happy to tell you or support a conversation about culture. This will instantly break the ice between you, and you can find points of contact on this issue.
  • Her achievements. Find out what she enjoys, where she studies or works, maybe she has already managed to achieve some heights. Praise her for this, be amazed at her abilities. Every person loves being praised and Armenians are not an exception.
  • Tell about yourself and your successes. But do not overdo it, so she did not notice any boasting.
  • Ability to joke appropriately will be successful. All girls love guys with a sense of humor. To defuse the situation or just cheer her up you can make fun, and the date vector will immediately change.
  • Choose the place she wants to visit. Maybe she wanted to get into some bar – go there! Order her what she wants. The important point – you have to pay. She grew up in a family where her father took care of her. He paid all her bills. Now you will do it.
  • Listening is an important quality. Let her tell you about herself and her life. In the process, you can find the thread that will be clearly interesting to the girl to continue the conversation.
  • Even if your darling a hot girl, do not rush to talk about sex and touch on other intimate topics. A date for Armenian women is a way to get to know a guy better, try to find everything interesting and necessary in him. If she notices something forbidden in your words or actions, you will no longer see her. These girls are not nuns, but intimate questions should be raised after the wedding and you will have to wait.


With the help of dating sites now you can get acquainted with almost any girl, spending on it a little money. However, in order to develop relationships with them and have more than one meeting, you should try a little and study their traditions and culture so as not to negate all your efforts.

Use our tips and change your life for the better!