Online dating (India’s version) is something new and exciting for young people in the country. This kind of dating and communication is just starting to develop on the Indian market, but, despite this, has already reached considerable popularity. Although more recently, the Indians avoided casual acquaintances of this kind, considering them as something shameful and unacceptable.

But progress is proceeding on its own, and it is not possible to avoid the influence of new technologies even in the sphere of personal relations. Therefore, the appearance of Indian dating apps has become something logical and completely natural. Now it is difficult for many to imagine and remember how it was before.

Marriage sites are what you could find 7-10 years ago in India. Dating now is much more progressive and could be based only on occasional communication. We cannot call it an improvement, but now people have a choice – commit to a serious relationship or flirt and have some fun. Let’s learn more about popular applications that are useful and widespread in this unique country.


This is one of the most decent dating apps for Indians in the USA. The application has been working for about 13 years and unites single people from more than 190 countries. At the moment the service is translated into 47 languages.

Like other hookup apps, you can sign up here in 2 ways. The first is to register your profile manually by filling out the required form. The second is to use social media profiles to verify your identity. When using the second method, the initial profile rating is higher.

Like Tinder, it is very simple and useful. The service looks like an advanced messenger, but with a search function. So, you can search for people in your location by entering the necessary filter parameters.

Indian girls are modest but curious, so if one of them came to your page, you would immediately know about it, thanks to special alerts. The same function makes it easier for you to start communicating since you are obviously confident that another person has an interest in you.

badoo app – one of the most popular Indian dating apps. Despite its young age, it adequately competes with the “giants” of the market, such as Tinder or Zoosk. To register here, you will need a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. However, for a complete profile, this will not be enough. You can upload several photos to a special album, set a profile picture and fill out a column with information about yourself. For example, you can specify your hobbies or favorite movies. Also here you can characterize yourself with several adjectives (up to 5 words).

Try using all the opportunities to attract a potential partner. You can even ask your friends from Facebook to recommend and rate you. This will also increase your profile’s credibility rating.

Despite this, the number of free viewed profiles here is strictly limited. If you want to use the capabilities of the site with the full “power,” it is worth to refill the balance and connect special services.


Another good and popular website for online dating in India is The resource allows going beyond the usual similar applications. As in many other apps, you can use social media profiles to identify yourself. However, only here, you can describe yourself with several hashtags or allow other participants to ask you questions.

As such, there are no restrictions on the site’s free use; you can easily use services without recharging the balance. However, if you want to miss nothing, to be able to view the statistics on your page (who liked it, who visited it, who asked the question), then you need to refill the balance and enjoy the benefits of advanced use.

With a subscription, you also get the opportunity to see and view profiles of people who live in other cities of India. If you use paid services often, the site provides a system of discounts and bonuses.



Despite the country’s traditions, it is now possible to meet a guy or a girl online using popular applications all over the world. Besides the platforms described above, there are many other decent dating platforms.

Online dating becomes even more trendy because in today’s world, meeting people on the streets and developing a relationship with them in real life becomes more and more difficult.

It is much easier and more convenient to use specially created resources, where all users are looking for a potential relationship and search algorithm finds you the best matches.