China a highly industrialized country known for its trade and great economic growth. It is also a country known for its beautiful Chinese women. Today there are Chinese mail order brides available for western men who would love to date Chinese girls for marriage. The significant milestones achieved in the online dating arena in the country has made many Chinese girls and foreign men meet, and long-term relationships that ended up in marriage have happened. Dating a Chinese woman is exciting and can be very eye-opening. You learn about the culture and get to appreciate its diversity.

Dating Chinese Mail Order Brides

Before you decide to date a Chinese woman, it is important that you understand the cultural differences that you might face. Things that are appropriate to you might be quite appalling to the Chinese woman.
Here are a few things that you should know about the Chinese girl before you date her.

The Traditional Chinese Woman

The traditional Chinese woman available for marriage is young and might be below the age of 27. She is a family oriented woman, who is very devoted to her husband when she gets one. Most traditional Chinese girls are shy and homely but very caring and kind. They are also focused on starting families, raising children and generally being the ideal homemakers. You want a wife will be available for the family all the time then consider the traditional Chinese woman for dating and marriage.

The modern Chinese woman

The modern Chinese woman is very caring, thoughtful, hardworking and very ambitious. She is an outgoing and independent woman in every aspect of her life. A Chinese woman is never tied down by the requirements of her culture which dictates that she must be married before she is 27 years. She is a woman who believes in equality and expects any man who she is dating to treat her as an equal.

But since she is a woman focused on empowering herself, most local Chinese men unless they have embraced modern ideas, might not like the idea and would never feel comfortable dating her. This is one reason why many modern Chinese girls would turn to foreigners who fortunately have no qualms about their self-empowering efforts.

The physical appearance of a Chinese woman

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Most Chinese mail order brides are beautiful with thick black hair, white skin, and those beautiful eyes. Their average height ranges between 155 to 160 sm. Most of them are slim with an average weight of 57kg. Most of them take great care of their physical shape by indulging in sports and an active lifestyle.

Meet her parents only when you want to marry her

When you finally begin dating a Chinese single, and things are moving on swiftly, it reaches a point where you want to take matters further. After you have decided that you have serious intentions of marrying the Chinese woman, only then should you consider meeting her parents. Don’t meet them if you have no intention of marrying her because doing so is deemed to be disrespectful. However, you can always ask her about how they are fairing on. That should show her that you care for them as well.

State your intentions from the beginning

According to Chinese culture, toying with a girl’s feeling is frowned upon. Before beginning a relationship set the ground rules first to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are not looking for a relationship that leads to marriage, it would be wise to state so at the beginning. The traditional Chinese woman will of course never get into a relationship that doesn’t lead to marriage. You will have better chances with the modern Chinese woman, but even then, you will have a difficult time making headway considering that you are not in the relationship for marriage purposes. Most modern Chinese women want to settle down with a foreign man who values them and not one who is out to have fun.

Be Respectful

Being respectful of the girl is important. Relationships always have ups and downs, and you might both find yourselves on the downside. If at any point you are mad about something, never raise your voice to the girl. When dating be polite, listen to her and don’t make too many demands or behave dominantly. Remember she needs to get used to you, the same way you need to get used to her. Making demands and behaving in a bossy manner will indicate a lack of respect towards her and will only be successful at alienating her.

A Chinese Bride After Marriage

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At the beginning of your courtship, your Chinese girl might seem shy and reserved. However, as the relationship continues she changes and becomes more expressive. Her heart warms towards you if she likes you. She will do some quite lovely public displays of affection as the relationship nears marriage. You will realize that she now holds your hand in public, rests her head on your shoulder when you are seated, and she will smile at you more.

After marriage, the gestures of affection will not cease, in fact, they will increase. She will go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy, have a lovely and inviting home to come to and of course a lovely Chinese wife to come home to.

Besides by then she would have learned English and speaking fluently so language barrier will not be a problem for long. She will tell you endearing words in English and when it comes to quarrel with you as usual with every marriage, have no doubt that she will deliver her piece in perfect English.

Where To Find Ideal Chinese Girls For Marriage

If you want to find the perfect bride, you will, of course, have the option of traveling to China and looking for a girl in recreational places like shops, bars or parks. However, that will hardly be an effective method and might be quite tiring because you might find the wrong bride time and again, a quite frustrating experience.
The best way to find a lovely Chinese wife is through an online Chinese brides agency or one of those reliable Chinese dating sites. Many Asian mail order bride sites also feature a high number of Chinese brides, and you get the opportunity to do a search based on specific things that you would prefer in your potential Chinese bride.

When selecting a Chinese mail-order bride, site make sure that it actually features real Chinese women. Make sure that it is also legitimate and that there are indeed real people who have gotten Chinese wives through the site. If the brides on the website ask you for money before getting to know you, then the site might not be reliable. Serious mail order sites vet their girls thoroughly and have rules in place where a girl doesn’t ask for money from a foreign man upon establishing contact online.

You can also make sure that the mail order bride site you are using is safe and has all the protections in place to ensure that your financial data isn’t leaked and your money is stolen.

Also, note that reliable dating sites that guarantee you good results aren’t free. Free sites encourage all manner of malicious women with evil intention to sign up. You will meet a huge number of women who aren’t serious plus a lot of fake profiles. In the end remember that if it doesn’t cost you, then it probably isn’t worth it.

Why a Chinese dating site?

There are various reasons why you should choose a Chinese mail order bride site.

Stunning Chinese Singles

The platform will give you an opportunity to meet the most beautiful Chinese women of ages above 18 of course. You will meet a wide array of women with interesting personalities, and there are always high chances of you meeting the beautiful Chinese woman of your dreams. Most women who sign up on these websites are serious about finding the right men and getting into serious relationships that will lead to marriage.

You have nothing to lose

Yes, you have nothing to lose if you take a chance to combat the loneliness and longing for a Chinese woman as a lifelong partner. At least you will be doing something about your single status and the online dating sites make the process easy for anyone who ventures this route.

You are changing a life

When you sign up in a Chinese dating site, you will eventually meet the lovely Chinese woman who you are meant to be with. You will not only change your life with no more lonely nights and dreary days, but you will also change the life of another and in this case, the lovely Chinese woman. She will have a better life in the arms of a loving foreign man and that fulfilling relationship which is the main reason both of you have signed up on the mail order bride site in the first place.

A Chinese Dating Experience

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After you have finally found her, the Chinese woman of your dreams. You will be making that trip to China to meet her. Here is what to expect from your dating experience in China.

A great welcome

The Chinese girl will welcome you warmly as will her family if you wish to meet them. They will expect you to show them respect and they will show a lot of it to you. You might want to bring a gift for her and her family to further establish the blossoming relationship. You will experience the tenderness and love of a Chinese woman firsthand.

The Culture Shock

If it is your first time to visit China, then you will be awed by the seemingly strange everyday habits of the Chinese people. They will seem strange because they are different from what you are used to. You will find some of their customs exciting while others will turn you off.

You might, for example, find the act of a majority of the Chinese slurping loudly in public restaurants to be quite disgusting. Also, some Chinese people might be fascinated by your different non-oriental looks that they might take photos of you without you being aware. You might even be aware and feel bad that they didn’t ask your permission. But generally, you will find them very friendly people.

Therefore before making that trip or even considering dating a Chinese girl, ask yourself whether you will be willing to accept your differences in culture. Will you adjust and learn to tolerate the practices you dislike? Understanding their customs and why they do them will make the culture shock less intense for you. Your Chinese girlfriend will be very helpful in this matter.

Language Barrier

You might experience the language barrier when you go to meet your mail-order bride. You have probably been chatting to her for months, and she knows English, but the rest of her community might not. She will of course act as a translator between you and her family. This is why looking for a wife through the mail order bride sites is advisable because trying your luck in Chinese pubs and exhibitions will put you at a disadvantage. Majority of the Chinese people will don’t speak English and when they do it is usually not coherent. You might want to take Mandarin classes before you travel or download a Chinese translator app on your mobile device before traveling to China.

Main Challenges That Your Chinese Bride Might Face Moving To The West

It is expected that when people from different cultures, race, and socioeconomic backgrounds meet and have a relationship, challenges arise. Here are some of the challenges that you should expect when you take your Chinese woman to the west with you.

A Clash Of The Cultures

Your Chinese wife might find your culture to be quite unusual. After she experiences life in the west, she will realize that her socio-economic background is different. The beliefs and values that she grew up are obviously different in the west. She might find the way people, relate, eat, drink and even dress is different from what she is used to. If she fully adjusts and fits into the western culture, then you will be lucky, and your relationship might flourish. However, she might find it difficult to accept the western culture and have problems fitting in. In this case, you might experience some relationship problems. The best thing, in this case, would be to make her understand your culture and help her adjust and fit in.

Language problems

Most probably she understands basic English. However, that does not mean that she will be in a position to interact with different groups of people in her new culture. She might feel left out in conversations. That’s because she might not understand aspects as humor, sarcasm, figurative speaking and so on. She will initially misunderstand a lot of things especially if she hasn’t grown up speaking English and only learned it a few months ago to make her online dating experience better.


Anyone who leaves their life as they knew it, leave her friends and family to begin a new life in a faraway land will eventually experience loneliness. Your Chinese bride might miss her people, speaking in her language and doing things the Chinese way back home. She might feel a little lonely even with new friends and the new family that she has been married into. It will, therefore, be up to you to make her feel less lonely.

Challenges In Establishing And Realizing Goals In A Foreign Country

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Your Chinese bride might find it difficult to work and thrive in a different environment that lacks that familial support or culture group. It might get difficult for them to study or work in the new environment. That’s because of the unfamiliar rules and setups.

As she faces these challenges, it is up to you to make her adjust as much as possible. Encourage her to make progress and show your love at all times. You probably dated many girls from your area, and none of those relationships worked out. Now you have found a relationship that is finally working. So don’t let a few cultural challenges to mar something that is so good.

Finding a foreign wife is not easy, and the whole process can be quite an exciting adventure. Mail order bride sites have made it easy which is why Chinese girl doesn’t seem far away. Now that you know how to get a Chinese girl, go and sign up to the reliable Asian dating sites. Begin this exciting journey. Since you are interested in Chinese Mail order brides, learn as much as you can about the culture. You need to be armed with understanding. And then you can dive right in and charm Chinese woman of your dreams into becoming your companion for life.