Indian mail order brides characterize oriental dating culture.

When we say “Indian wife,” we imagine a stunning young girl dressed in an expensive colored sari with lots of gold jewelry. She moves around the house, quickly doing all the housework, dancing and singing a simple Indian motif in a thin but beautiful voice. We have a very clear picture inspired by the Bollywood film distribution. But is it real? Are girls so fun and frivolous, as we used to see them in films?

Unfortunately, real life is different from films. Previously, beautiful Indian women had equal rights with men. Their status became much lower after many years due to such factors as:

  • the powerful influence of the Islam traditions;
  • the need for warriors and workers on the ground;
  • huge dowry costs for the bride.

Therefore, in those days, families did not celebrate the birth of a girl, only the boy was a desired child.

Indian woman’s role in the men’s world

Since the days of the ancient epics, a woman in India has been the most fantastic princess of famous Indian films. She was dancing, singing and surprising everyone with unearthly beauty. Moreover, she was taking care of the house and selflessly serving her husband.

After the invasion of Muslims, the picture changed dramatically. Women still take care of the household and children, but they have no right to make any important decisions. Where to study, whom to marry, what to do, where to go, what to change in life – all this is decided only with the husband’s or father’s approval. Even the husband’s family can make decisions for the girl. Wife’s duties are strictly limited to the house, shop, and temple, where you can go if all household chores are done, all are fed and the house is clean. There is no point in dreaming about any gym or entertainment.

We are not talking about the metropolitan areas of India – such as Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. It’s about small cities and suburbs, where ancient traditions still flourish. Relationship with her husband is also very limited. A woman is only a servant, even on holidays she should stay away from her husband and wear many jewelry and heavy makeup.

Of course, nowadays, such Orthodox families are disappering, but there are still a lot of them. Not of the women complains, everyone is happy being as she is. They cannot be called bored or tired, because they are so glad to take care of the household, to please their husband and relatives in everything – they are used to such way of life no matter how crazy it sounds. Marriage, basically, is the maximum of what they need in life. The most interesting part is that a couple married in Indian cannot divorce. So married people stay together until death separates them.

Why Indian Women?

Only a modern parents’ view and their wealth can dramatically change the girl’s life. In large cities, many young women wear modern clothes, study in India’s or world’s institutions, work in other countries, attend exhibitions and lead a modern lifestyle.

Most Indians are kind and loving people. They adore children and treat their wives well, especially if they live far from relatives. Only with a family, an orthodox husband behaves detachedly and condescendingly with his wife. Far from them – and this is quite a happy family, where the husband carries heavy bags, he hugs, kisses and offers the hand to his spouse.

Despite the apparent wildness, strictly female education has several serious advantages that are desirable to many other girls in the world. Indian women, as a rule, do not smoke, do not drink any alcohol, and do not behave rudely or cheekily. They are soft and feminine; they know how to sew, knit, cook, sing and dance. In addition, for them, the main value is still the family and the husband, to whom they are ready to give everything.

Everyone could agree that these are excellent qualities for the wife!

Features of Indian matchmaking

Despite widespread orthodoxy and the desire to marry a daughter at the age of 18, the bride buying is something like nonsense here. Let’s immediately discuss one key point. Despite the 21st century behind the window, in India, many marriages are still concluded by both parents’ agreement. Of course, some families would happily agree to receive a certain amount of money for their daughter. But it is considered humiliating for the groom, who is not able to build a relationship with the “right” girl. Also, the Hindu fathers, despite their severity and apparent coldness, are unlikely to agree to give their princess to some elderly, but rich man.

If we are talking about a traditional family, then in order to marry an Indian girl, the groom’s parents should negotiate with the bride’s parents. Candidates are usually also not strangers. Every man gets into the family only with the recommendation. If the couple’s horoscope is compiled and if everything turns out well, it’s time to get ready for the wedding. There are no mutual interests in a long-term relationship. Modern families, of course, do not adhere to this, but parents should know the groom or boyfriend of the daughter.

Obviously, the wild popularity of dating sites with Indian girls is now quite understandable. Old traditions began to “die”, but, firstly, it happens not everywhere, and secondly, many people do not know how to get acquainted, so they struggle to start the relationship.

Find Indian wife

indian dating

Indian mail order brides could be not on all dating sites. In order for you not to waste time searching for a suitable service, we have gathered you the 8 best resources for comfortable communication with Indians:

These sites are trusted by Indian girls. They should be comfortable for you as well. All of them have a simple and accessible interface, a minimum of distracting buttons and ads, a familiar messenger, checking profiles and downloadable documents for legality and security. Many resources have a useful robotic search function, which simplifies the task for both you and your beauty.

How to date an Indian woman

indian woman dating

Experienced users may not want to read this part. After all, everyone knows how to communicate on dating sites, what pictures to like and where to write a comment. But let’s not rush with conclusions, because, as has already been described earlier, Indian girls are fundamentally different in their character and intelligence. Therefore, a radically different approach should be applied.

Perfect match to each other. Show the lady how aware you are about the culture and traditions of India. You will also need a bit of assertiveness and dedication. Let the girl see not only your knowledge but also your interest. This will give her confidence and courage to continue communication with you. Do not worry, if you are the first trying to make an acquaintance and keeping the conversation from failing. Try again or select a different buddy.

Overcoming the language barrier. Of course, learning a language is not necessary to communicate with, for example, South Indian women. If this is easy for you, start exploring the one that is native to her and her family. First, you will show deep respect for her culture. Secondly, it will help you when meeting with her parents. If learning languages is not your thing, then you should not even begin to learn. Many Indian women practice English confidently, so you can definitely communicate. For example, Shri Lankan women adore foreigners, their pronunciation, dialects, culture, and way of life. After all, they were long deprived of this. Find out where your darling is from. Perhaps she does not speak Hindi (after all, not all Indians speak it). So, you will manage to avoid embarrassment.

How to marry an Indian bride

Treat with respect and honor her family and loved ones. After all, a family is the central concept in the Indian’s life. Whether you succeed in creating a family with her or not, she will always honor the traditions of her country and family until the end of her days and will expect the same from you. Therefore, it is worth preparing in advance for this, to know how to behave in front of her father, mother or brothers. If you are serious about getting married, then make sure you learned all the traditions of Indian culture. After all, girl’s decision to continue the relationship with you depends on your attitude to India’s cultural traditions.

Do not start talking on a sexual topic, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Flirting will also not be acceptable. Indian girls are quite modest, so such topics, as well as hints of quick intimacy, can scare her away. Many Indian women generally consider sex before marriage as a terrible sin. Do everything gradually, do not press on her and then she will trust you.

Show the girl that you gainfully want to create a family. In this matter, they are quite traditional. Indians also love ambitious and hardworking men. If you hold any position in the company and are not afraid of work, you have a serious advantage over other men.

Indian women for marriage

North Indian women are very attractive. Today they are one of the most sought-after girls on dating sites. India is a densely populated country with differences in culture, religion, and traditions. So its women are also different, as we have written earlier.

However, they all have a lot in common. They have dark (or black) hair (many Indian women do not color their hair), they have mainly dark skin of various shades – from olive to brown. One of the main features of an Indian woman is huge brown or dark eyes with fluffy pitch-black eyelashes.

Despite the gradually coming emancipation, the main task of the modern Indian girl is motherhood. They are the best and caring mothers in the world who bring up children in great love, care, and austerity. Practically she dedicates her entire life to her children. Even when the child grows up, the mother is still actively playing a huge role in his life, regardless of his desire.

Brides from India are every intelligent; many of them have a university degree and a prestigious job. They do an excellent job with family finances and are very economical. This does not mean that girls do not want to live in wealth and luxury, but your credit card will not suffer from this.

Thanks to education and traditions, Indian women are very devoted to the partner and don’t betray. All their lives, Indian women love only the husband, and there is no exception to this rule. They value a respectful attitude and kind character much more than wealth and fame.

Such a girl is the embodiment of the dream of any man who needs a beautiful, modest, caring wife and a great mother.

What do they expect from the husband?

It is easy to draw certain conclusions about who the Indian girls are looking for as husbands on dating sites. So, it is better if you:

  • pay attention not only to money, but also to family, and moral values;
  • respect her personal space;
  • honest and open with her;

In this case, you do not necessarily look like a Greek god. Appearance is the last thing an Indian girl will notice.


Modern Indian brides are among the best on the planet. They are straightforward in communication and everyday life, do not require much from the husband (only what many generations of their people were deprived of). Your life will not be boring with her. She will surround you with care and love. She will organize your life very well and your children will have a loving, caring mother.

Follow our tips and take a closer look at the sites from the list! Find an oriental beauty for yourself, and your life will change!