Japanese women are undoubtedly beautiful, charming, and sexy. Men from around the world want to date these girls. Local brides charm with their exotic look, pure beauty, and magnetic eyes. Japanese ladies are not only beautiful from outside. They are well-known for being smart, intelligent, and traditional. Local traditions and attitude toward marriage make a lot of men want to date Japanese women.

Japanese dating culture is different compared to dating culture in the US or Europe. Before dating a Japanese girl, you need to learn how to do it. We say this not to scare you but help you and succeed in dating a woman from Asia. Some of the obstacles can be language, customs, and religion. To still encourage you to date a woman from Japan, we are willing to help you. Together with our dating experts, we created a list of tips that proved to be helpful for Westerners who want to try Japanese relationships.

Keep reading the article to learn about Japanese dating customs from our Asian dating experts. We will tell you the differences between Western and Eastern dating and help you to succeed in dating a beautiful lady from Japan. Cultural differences are not barriers. Actually, international and interracial couples tend to have a longer and happier relationship. It’s because people of different cultures respect each other more.

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Japanese Relationships

The very first recommendation that our interracial dating experts share is to know what type of girl you want to date. Japan is a huge country with lots of different types of women. You can’t think of Japanese ladies like they are all the same. Of course, they are similar, but they have different hair colors, they dress different, they have different hobbies, lifestyle, and relationship goals. Whether you are dating online or want to visit Japan, you first have to understand who your type is. Once you picture a woman who you would like to date, finding her will be a way easier.

So, what clashes do you need to know when developing a relationship with a Japanese woman?

  • One of the first things that you need to learn about Japanese culture is Kokuhaku, which means confession. What does confession have to do with relationships? In local culture, two people don’t start dating without confessing to each other about their romantic intentions. If you don’t learn this, developing a romantic relationship with a woman from this country will be difficult. It must sound weird for you; how can you confess about your romantic intentions without knowing much about a person? This is what we told you about. Western and Eastern cultures are different. When you meet a girl and have a chat with her, maybe you meet a few times yo should do Kokuhaku to conquer her heart. Japanese ladies are very impressed when they hear Kokuhaku from Western men. Your efforts will be rewarded for sure.
  • The second thing to consider is that in the local culture, people don’t hang out. What does it mean? Japanese women don’t go on dates with different men, they don’t accept everyone’s offer, and they don’t waste their time on men who don’t have serious intentions. By asking a Japanese girl out just to keep each other company and have fun won’t work here. You may ask a girl once, but then you should make a decision: would you like to date her or not. As you can see, this is another thing that is so different compared to dating culture in the West. Back home, you used to date a few girls at the same time and had no responsibilities. If you are so into Japanese women, you should become more serious and learn to make decisions quicker.
  • The third thing to consider is a woman’s role in Japan. In the West, women still expect men to be true gentlemen. They never ask guys out. First, they expect men to pay a bill on the first date or maybe even on the second and third. It may sound surprising, but in Japan, girls may ask you out first. It shouldn’t scare you. Japanese women may seem shy and quiet, but they are open to express their feeling and emotions. Asian brides are so much warmer than women in the West. Japanese ladies are not embarrassed to say: “I like you” or “I love you” first. Also, a Japanese woman won’t expect you to pay the bill on the first date. She will be happy to have a date with you because money has nothing to do with liking or loving someone.

What do you think about developing relationships in Japan? It doesn’t sound as crazy and scary as you might have thought. Now you know how to make the first move, so we can proceed to a more serious and responsible step as marriage. Follow the article and learn about marriage and customs related to it in the following paragraphs.

Dating And Marriage In Japan

If East and West have some differences, then, as you can imagine, getting married to a woman from Japan requires you to consider some things. If you are serious about dating and marrying a lady from Japan, learn about local customs.

There are different wedding ceremonies in Japan. They can be civil, religious, or a combination of both types. What you should know is that they are beautiful. If you have always been wanting to marry an Asian woman, you have a great choice to have the most beautiful wedding. In Japan, a marriage is considered legal once it’s registered with the city or municipal office.

It’s typical for Japanese weddings to involve wedding planners. If you and your future wife dream of a nice, well-organized, and unforgettable wedding, don’t be greedy and pay for a professional service. Most wedding ceremonies are taken place at restaurants or banquet halls. After, a married couple and their guests have an after-party.

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What about Japanese marriage culture, are there any customs you need to know about?

  • One of the interesting facts about Japanese marriage culture is men tend to marry younger women. Older men are considered wiser and smarter. Therefore, younger women prefer to marry them. If you are a senior single or just older than a Japanese woman who you like, here the age difference won’t be considered as anything bad.
  • Even though Asian ladies are soft, warm, and respectful towards men, they can get offended and behave aggressively towards their partners when treated unequally. This is a myth that Asian ladies are willing to be servants of Western men. Japanese brides want equality, respect, care, and love. Don’t follow those “dating experts” who say that Asian women enjoy when men dominate in all spheres of life.

Some of the other interesting things that happen after marriage in Japan are:

  1. Women can’t wear a furisode (one of the kimono types that are worn only by young and unmarried women).
  2. They can’t wear any clothes, have much makeup and gave hairstyles like teenagers. Married women must have a sense of style, putting just a bit of makeup, keeping their hair tidy, and wearing elegant clothes that don’t draw much attention.
  3. Japanese women can’t stay childless. 95% of married people in Japan have children. There is only 2% of women who give birth while not in a relationship. If you get married and live with your Asian spouse in Japan, you will be expected to have children.

Registration of Marriage in Japan

If you are a foreigner and would love to marry a lady from Japan, it would very smart to do research in advance and learn what documents exactly you need for marriage registration in Japan. You may need to have a Visa, bank statement, information about your work, address, etc. So to make the whole process go smooth and be stress-free, learn what you need to get married in Japan.


As you can see, some rules regarding dating and marriage in Japan differ from what you know. But it’s not an obstacle. Every year, a big number of men from the US and Europe get married to beautiful women from Asia. We can understand why you fancy girls from the East. They are pretty, sexy, and romantic.

By taking into consideration cultural, religious, and upbringing differences, you will be able to conquer the heart of a lovely lady from Japan. We hope that our guide was useful and will help you to make your dream come true.