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Dating a Japanese woman is one of the common dreams for western men. And it is totally clear why. They are beautiful, wise and well-educated, restrained or shy, where applicable, and very traditional. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to meet a decent Japanese girlfriend in a modern world and at the same time, it’s not so easy just to start a conversation and do not frighten off her. Moreover, Japanese women, who live in a western world assimilated a lot and in most cases saved less their initial traditions and overviews. So in case you want to meet Japanese singles, who are still loyal to traditional values, the opportunity provided by each online Japanese dating site should be considered.

Japanese Online Dating 

Japanese people are those, who work more than 60 hours per week. Their corporate culture does not include the term “life-work balance”. So there are 2 ways to meet your half for them: to start relationships with somebody from the close circle or to apply special online dating platforms. Considering that the native culture requires shyness from the women they choose the second option, which opened the opportunity to meet a western man as well. Moreover, such requirements do not apply for foreigners, so Japanese girls can be free, show more their passion and be more uninhibited, which is appreciated a lot by them.

Japanese Women Traits

At the same time males in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, and even Australia prefer dating Japanese women because of: 


Japanese appearance, which attracts from the first sight. Japanese women are known as those, who owns the secret of youth because it is common when the mom and daughter look like sisters.


Their well-mannered behavior, which considers the higher level of politeness and hospitality. In fact, you will never feel inconvenient or will never get into an uncomfortable situation because of your Japanese wife

Respect Elders

Their respect in relation to elders, family, husband. These people do not need to perform any actions to deserve such treatment, the respect is unconditional. At the same time, the same treatment should be shown in relation to Japanese ladies, otherwise, no lasting relations can be considered.


Impossibility to imagine Japanese woman, who treated or betrayed a husband


Their education and intelligence.

They Never Complain

The unique for women trait – do not complain at all.

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Please, also note the most common misconceptions regarding Japanese girls, which can destroy your relationships at the beginning and even in case you are already engaged:

  • Do not be confused with unconditional respect and submission. Japanese women are self-confident and independent. And what they will never accept is disrespect;
  • There is no final goal to leave Japan at any price;
  • Do not try to buy her attention or love.

Japanese Dating Sites

Online dating in Japan provides you with several opportunities, except to find true Japanese love. The first, of all you will be allowed to lots of profiles with different girls from Asia and particularly from Japan, who want to build serious relations.

The second of all, you will not have to visit special events or places, where you possibly can meet Japanese ladies. Such a place you will have in your pocket: smartphone, tab, notebook or PC, and you can apply it whenever you want.

The third of all, you do not need to move to Japan for uncertain time and feel some inconveniences connected with relocation and necessity to molest girls on the street, cinema, or exhibitions. Japanese online dating sites are able to save your money and time as well.

And the last reason is that you have an unlimited amount of tries. It is a common situation when you liked girls from several profiles. In such a situation you do not need to choose, actually it would be normal to start communication with each girl and then let destiny put everything in its place.

Choosing Japanese Dating Site

The question of “How to select a decent online dating platform to find a Japanese bride?” becomes more and more popular nowadays. It is totally understandable and explains the rapid growth of Japanese brides’ popularity. More and more foreign men finding out information about all features of these Asian females and start the search of their soulmate among them. There is why so many dating websites that cover Japan were created lately. So if you try to google something like “Japanese dating website”, your search system will show you numerous options.

So let’s try to determine the most important things that you need to check before creating an account on the selected dating platform:

Positive Reputation

In the first place, we put the platform’s reputation. Because historically different websites attract a different audience. And you need to understand would you like to join these people. And to find out information about that and all other advantages and disadvantages you will need to spend some time on research on the internet. A couple of reviews from independent sources will be useful for you;


In the second place, we put the platform’s security policy. It means protection of you and your personal information from scammers and other types of fraudsters. Because you will not need to be distracted by worries about it during the search of your soulmate;


And in the final third place, we put the platform’s design. Because intuitively understandable design and navigation on the site save your time during you are using them. You do not need to waste your time to understand how to find or use this or that feature.

Of course, this list can be much longer and every person will be able to add at least a couple of bullet points there that is critically important for him. But these three criteria are common for every single user, so do not be too lazy to check them out, it will make your search much easier.

Decent Japanese Dating Sites

In case if you will not have enough time for such research, here are some websites with proven reputation:

  • AsiaCharm
  • AsianFeels
  • AsianMelodies
  • LoverWhirl
  • MatchTruly

Using Japanese Dating Sites

The registration process on dating websites, usually, easy and fast. It will take not more than a couple of minutes of your time. So let’s explore it step by step. After you open a landing page of the site, it will offer you two options for further actions:

  • Sign in the bottom, if you already have an account on this platform and would like to enter into it;
  • Sign up the bottom, if you are a newcomer who would like to create an account there;

As you probably already understand, you will need to choose the second option and click on sign up the bottom. Once you did it, the site will offer you to fill out a standard brief registration form. Usually, it looks like a questionnaire which includes the following question:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • What is your email address?
  • What will be your password on this website?

After you pass this form, you became a happy owner of just created a profile on this platform. But it is not the last step, because you will not be able to attract any woman with an empty profile. That is why you will need to fill it out with the information about yourself and upload at least a couple of your photos there. And after that, you are ready for the next stage – communication.


Usually, dating websites have all of the following communication channels or some of them in different combinations from site to site:


Everyone nowadays knows what is it and how it works. Because we are using different types of messenger applications every day, for work and personal purposes. So such a dynamic way of communication cannot be absent on dating platforms;


For those who determine themselves as romantics. The most sensual way of communication that allows expressing your feelings the best;


Phone or video call. The platform will provide you with an interpreter to help with the language barrier;


A personal meeting in Japan. An interpreter will be provided also.


The Japanese dating sites described above can quickly connect you with a decent Japanese woman, which is aimed to build a family with you. Considering Japanese women are one of the greatest wives, who appreciate maternity and highly respect their husbands, they are worthy of your attention and you should definitely test one the platforms described above. Be patient and the luck together with love will come to you!