Have you ever fancied dating and marrying the beautiful women from the “Land of the Rising Sun”? If yes, then you are in luck. It is now possible thanks to Japanese Mail Order Brides. Japanese women are interesting, beautiful, hardworking and intelligent. Great qualities for anybody seeking a lifelong partner in a marriage or a great satisfying relationship. Before you begin your Japanese dating quest, you need to understand a few things about the Japanese woman. You need to learn about her values and her culture.

The Traditional Japanese Brides

The reputation of Japanese women is all about how their beauty, intelligence and kindness. They make excellent wives and mothers, and there are much more. This could be the reason you are on the Japanese dating quest in the first place. Most probably you have heard these hallmarks of a traditional Japanese wife. Back in Japan, the families, schools, businesses and the government have all gone to great lengths to reinforce the country’s traditional family values. The Japanese woman therefore from an early age is equipped with the knowledge of the importance of family values.

This is the reason why many Japanese women will have no problems when it comes to maintaining traditional family roles. This is very ironical considering that the country is mainly an urban society known for its great milestones in modern technology. Despite the modernization of the country, the traditional culture of the people is still deeply entrenched and remains the same a millennia down the line.

There is one tradition coupled by the phrase, “Good wife-Wise Mother” that defines the ideal Japanese woman. This is where the husband is the head of the household, and the wife should remain submissive and always act in the best interests of her husband. It might seem a little off to their American and European counterparts, but it is very okay with the women from Japan to view their husbands with respect and love just as their grandmothers did despite living in a modern and wired society.

The Modern Japanese Single

Well, it is true that most of them are submissive and loving in their traditional way just know that your future Japanese bride did not spend her growing up years picking rice or creating silk. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can buy this submissive Japanese wife and misunderstand what mail order brides are. First, understand that you can’t buy a Japanese wife online or any wife for that matter.

Escaping the limiting culture

Then understand that the modern Japanese single would make a great wife, but the main reason why most of them are signing up on Asian dating sites is that they desire to escape the wearing responsibilities of a traditional Japanese wife and mother. They want to improve themselves and be better than just wives and mothers. In short, they want fulfilling relationships where affection is given in return for their love and submissiveness, and that can be found more on foreign American and European men than the native Japanese ones. The focus of many young Japanese women when they seek foreign men is self-improvement and true love.

Japanese Mail Order Brides

Japan is a modern and industrialized nation known for its high living standards and excellent quality of life. However, there are many Mail Order girlfriends from Japan. It is contrary to the belief that such brides only come from countries with harsh economic situations. Japan might not be as popular as the other Asian and Slavic countries when it comes to international dating. Still, there is a good number of impressive Japanese singles on popular international dating sites.

More Japanese women are embracing the open traditions of the west and love the higher status that comes with living in the west. Most of these girls actually find it difficult to readjust to life in Japan. Especially after they spend time studying or visiting countries like the United States. Therefore you will find many western-educated Japanese women on the Japanese mail order bride sites too.

The Dreams of Japanese Brides

japanese mail order girlfriend

As you have probably understood by now, the majority of the Japanese singles aren’t signing up on Asian dating sites to escape economic harshness in their country. They are joining online dating sites because they want to change. In Japan, Japanese wives are treated as their husband’s property after they are married. This is a stark contrast to how they will be treated as valued partners by the foreign men who marry them. Shortly most of these potential Japanese brides are actually escaping the Japanese cultural tradition. Because it places the woman on the lower ranks of society with little respect from the men.

In most case, the Japanese singles on international dating sites are more educated and richer than the foreign husbands they end up with. The truth is very few Japanese women will enter a marriage penniless. They will actually bring in a good amount of money along with their higher education compared to their counterparts from the other Asian countries.

The Japan dating experience

When it comes to Japan dating, it is a different ball game. Japan dating is more detailed and formal compared to dating women from other countries. There is always a process which has to be followed whether you find the Japanese mail order girlfriend from a mountain village, one of those Japanese Women over 40, a Japanese woman from Tokyo, Osaka or anywhere in Japan.

The process is slow, and if you are in a hurry to marry her, then you better look elsewhere. She is a woman who wants you to know her, understand her culture and sincerely respect it. She also wants to know you and your culture. So she might spend more time on the long-distance aspect of the relationship. Just be prepared to spend at least three to four months of back and forth emails before you visit her.

Phone calls can be a little tricky because when you meet Japanese women online, they can write and read English. However, speaking is a bit difficult for most of them unless they live in an environment where English is spoken, or they have lived in English speaking countries. It is advisable to keep the communication through the written word until you make the trip to Japan. Sometimes conversations with them over the phone can be incomprehensible.

japanese mail order bride

When you finally meet her, consider yourself lucky if you understand her. Usually, she will think she speaks good English, but the truth is it will take you a few days to really understand her manner of speaking. You will definitely have fun learning to communicate with her and ensure that you carry your English-Japanese dictionary because you are going to need it at some point.

Meeting the parents

Her family might be the challenging aspect of you dating the Japanese. The family is important in the other countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and other areas around the world but nothing can compare to how important family is in Japan. In other countries, it is possible to avoid meeting the parents of the lady you are interested in until you are sure that she is the one you will marry.

You have to meet them

But that strategy will never work when you are dating a Japanese girl. Even when the girl is an orphan you will still have to make time and dress up to meet her Brothers and uncles. Have no doubt that you are going to remember the meeting for a long time.
Remember that most Japanese girls have a very close relationship with their parents. The Japanese culture also practices ancestor worship, therefore if a girl just ran off with a foreign man; she will not only be disgracing her parents but all her ancestors as well.

Dress well

Make sure you dress as well as possible and ensure that your attire is business formal. It doesn’t matter if you vowed not to wear a tie again, just for the meeting, wear one and complete your look with a watch. If you don’t take time to dress up, the family will consider you disrespectful. You definitely don’t want to give a wrong impression on the first day.

Calm and polite during dinner

As you are having dinner with the family, you have to stay calm and be polite. Also, keep your voice low enough to be heard. And if you detect a sign of displeasure from the father’s side don’t take it personally. Being grumpy about his daughter’s choice of partner is his job in during the whole Japanese dating process. The wise thing to do is let your girlfriend do most of the talking, and you smile and nod. Your Japanese mail-order girlfriend knows her parents well. She definitely, knows how to get a yes out of them, so do not be worried.

You will probably encounter a few challenges when looking for a Japanese mail-order bride. However, if you find the right Asian dating site, you will have a better chance to find a Japanese wife for life. Just make sure your wooing skills are top notch because most pretty Japanese women for marriage love being wooed.