Dating in Korea is all about romance. It seems like there is a special atmosphere here. Singles who meet in Korea, whether they are both local, or one of the partners is foreigner, they tend to create longer and happier relationships. However, local dating differs from Western dating. As you can imagine, Asians have their own dating rules. In this guide, we would like to tell you how to succeed in dating a beautiful Korean girl.

Korean dating culture will surprise you. If you have never dated an Asian lady, some rules may sound weird to you. But if you are not scared of challenges, then dating a woman from the East will become a great adventure for you.

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Popular Korean Dating Customs

Like any other country, Korea has its customs. They may not be fully understood by Westerners, but foreigners should learn them to develop friendly or romantic relationships with residents. Here are five dating traditions that you need to follow to have a happy relationship with a bride from Korea.

Make it clear

Dating in Korea never lasts for longer than a few months. A few decades ago, there wasn’t even such a thing as dating. Parents of both sides used to agree on marriage for their children. Luckily, singles can decide for themselves and choose partners who they find attractive and best for marriage. However, dating for years isn’t acceptable in Korea. When meeting a lady who you like, you need to make it clear and tell her about your true intentions. Dating many girls at the same time or hanging out with one lady for too long is rude. If you want to develop a relationship with a woman, tell her this. It’s important to define the beginning of a relationship, otherwise, your Korean beauty won’t take it seriously.

Share more

In Asian culture, sharing means a lot. If you traveled to some places in Asia, you must have noticed how generous local people are. Even if they have just a bowl of rice, they will give you half. Korean dating culture requires you to share what you have. In a lot of Korean restaurants, couples order one meal and share it. Sharing means caring. When you start dating a woman from Korea, remember to be generous.


South Korean dating culture includes giving flowers. Local brides love flowers a lot. Say “I like you” or “I love you” by giving your Korean girlfriend flowers. It’s romantic, beautiful and it will definitely help you to develop a serious relationship with a woman who you like. While walking down streets in Seoul or other cities in Korea, you will see a lot of girls walking holding flowers. Almost all dates include flowers. If doing something nice for your girlfriend is important for you, buy her flowers from time to time.

White Day

Not many Westerners know what White day means. In Korea, there are two days when couples celebrate lovers’ day. St. Valentine’s day is when women give presents to men. Local etiquette doesn’t allow men to give gifts to women on this date. A lot of Westerners get very surprised when hearing about this tradition. However, you don’t have to think that it’s unfair. White day is when men confess about their feelings and give presents to their loved ones. You need to accept this custom and remember about White Day since your girlfriend will expect something nice.

Be reserved

When dating a Korean girl, you need to remember that in this country, public displays of affection are forbidden. Here you can hold hands, but romantic hugs and kisses on lips are NO. Korean culture requires people to be reserved about their feelings but display them privately. For a lot of Westerners, this sounds really weird but if you are planning to live in Korea, follow and respect this custom.

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International dating experience is full of new knowledge. Hopefully, we have you a clue what you should and shouldn’t do if you want to date a beautiful Korean woman.

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Most ladies here speak English si communicating with them will be convenient. A lot of Westerns say that dating Asian girls online us easier since getting used to cultural differences is easier on the distance. There is nothing scary about dating a lady from Korea. Give it a try practicing the tips that we shared with you.