Malaysia is quite an exotic country. Its population is multinational, multilingual and multicultural, dominated by Chinese, Indians, and Malays. The main part of the population preaches Islam.

In this regard, many beautiful Malaysian women adhere to a rather strict style of clothing. Almost all of them wear hijab. But it does not look mournful or depressing. They are all dressed colorfully and brightly – in long dresses or suits made of skirts and blouses of various colors. A woman does not have to wear traditional clothes. But it needs her body to be closed. At the same time, clothing made of the natural fabric of light colors is used, it is also necessary to cover the head with a scarf, if only because here is quite hot.

Another interesting feature is the almost complete lack of make-up on the face. Even if it is, it is so insignificant that it is almost imperceptible.

Interesting, that men eagerly and actively protect their women from everything. While in Malaysia, you cannot take a picture of any of Malaysian wives. Their husbands, most likely, will actively protest against it and even can start a fight. But this is not possessiveness and not selfishness. This is a normal male concern for his wife, who must be protected from all alien, difficult and heavy. So, you will never meet a Malaysian with a heavy bag in his hand or grocery bags. All this is carried by husbands. The maximum that a woman in a normal family can carry is her purse and several bags of clothes. As you see, Islam is not the torture and coercion of a woman, but her total protection and help.

Malaysian women for marriage

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The thing is that the woman here has a special status. This is due to the fact that in Islam, a woman is sacred. It gives life to man, which means that she automatically goes to heaven. She is a regular member of society, has equal rights with men. Women here have the right to vote, drive a car. They are better educated than men and can occupy the best positions.

Wife in Malaysia is usually a housewife, but she can work, and her husband can do housekeeping and raising children if her income is higher than his. There are no prejudices about who should earn money, and who should clean and wash. If a woman is at home, this does not mean that all the homework is hers. Husbands here, by the way, love to take care of children, can clean the house, wash the dishes and go for groceries if necessary, or the wife has no time. It is also considered normal to have a domestic helper.

Advantages of Malay Brides

Loyalty and faithfulness

The fact that a man is a full head of the family could not be denied or disputed by no one. Naturally, a woman should honor this. Her husband’s opinion is the law, but she expects the same from him. Care and mutual respect – this is the key to any healthy family relationships.

Sense of humor and light character.

Agree that it is great to have a cheerful and carefree girlfriend or wife. Malaysian are just such. They are able to turn any awkwardness into a joke. These girls are very calm, positive and funny. You will not be bored with her!

Friendliness and sociability

From the first minutes of communication with a Malaysian girl, it will be easy and pleasant for you to communicate with her. You will not need to come up with an interesting topic for conversation or fill in an awkward pause with something. Malaysian girls are easily supportive of any topics, eager to make contact and communicate easily.


For any woman, this is one of the most important qualities. For women of Malaysia, it is the kindness that plays a decisive role. Cultural and religious education here engenders and develops kindness and virtue in girls.

Elegance and grace

Whatever ladies here do, they do it exceptionally gracefully, beautifully and neatly. In many of its affairs, even in the homework routine, a Malaysian girl necessarily achieves maximum heights.

Humility and obedience

Respect and honor – these are the qualities that Malaysians necessarily possess. Honoring her husband, especially to outsiders – her marital duty.


Regardless of your strength, authority, or power, you will still need the support and approval of your wife. Malaysian women know how to calm and cheer up her husband, to direct his thoughts and emotions in the right direction to achieve results. She will help you to achieve maximum success at work, make only balanced and calm decisions, move up the career ladder. It will become a reliable support for you and make you the best version of yourself.


This is a unique feature of Malaysian women for marriage. Rarely you can meet a girl who is so interested in what she does. And not necessarily that it will be her job or source of income. It may well be household chores, childcare, cooking or handicrafts. She is also open to new hobbies or activities. Be assured, if she likes it, she will succeed in this too!

Best Malaysian dating sites and how to meet girls there

It is not easy to get acquainted, much less organize dating with Malaysian women. It is worth considering one very important nuance. As a rule, girls do not walk alone on the streets. If the husband is not near, then she walks with her mother, sister or girlfriend. It is not the most convenient option for dating at all.

That is why, in order not to think where to meet an interesting Malaysian girl, use our selection of the best dating sites. We have already saved your time by collecting 8 reliable dating sites with girls from Malaysia. They are:


Using the best dating services, you will quickly find a companion and soul mate. Registering on any of the proposed resources, after 30-40 minutes you will be able to communicate using all the technical advantages of the services fully.

How to use Malaysian Dating Sites

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Select a site

Since we have already tested all services for the quality of service, the level of technical support, optimal attendance, prices, the number of available profiles and the variety of communication tools, simply choose the one that you will like externally through the interface and navigation.

Create your profile

This may require the use of email or existing accounts on Facebook or LinkedIn. Registration is free everywhere. To fully use the sites with search engines (there are a lot of such), you will need to fill in a special form in which you should honestly indicate all the information about yourself, your interests, preferences, and intentions. So the coincidence will be more accurate, which means that the time to search for the perfect girls will be decreased.

Browse through profiles

On the sites proposed by us, there is the possibility of free search on profiles (if you do not involve a robot in this process). You can view all available profiles and filter them by the necessary criteria. For example, you can easily find a number of profiles by the criteria “Girls from Malaysia up to 25 years old with knowledge of English”.

Communication selected ladies

Before you set up personal meetings and go to them in another country, find out the chosen one better. Moreover, the Malaysians are easy to contact and will be happy to chat with you online. On some sites, the correspondence may already be paid, but a subscription for six months or a year is unlikely to be more expensive than $ 150.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend huge sums on flights to Asia in order to communicate with a girl in real life. You can first choose a companion, without leaving your own apartment. And all this is possible with a little money!

Useful facts about Malaysia women

  • Malaysia is more developed than other Asian countries. It should rather be compared with Singapore and Hong Kong than with the Philippines and Indonesia. Accordingly, the girls are not looking for a rich husband.
  • It is important to get the approval of her parents or at least convince them of the seriousness of your intentions. The upbringing of girls here, first of all, is based on the respect and reverence of parents, so that in any case she will listen to their opinion. Make it clear to the family that you are serious about the girl, hardworking and successful.
  • Many Malaysians speak English fluently, so you are unlikely to have a problem with translation. But this point should be clarified with the lady.
  • Be ready to wait long for your “verdict”. Even though the Malaysians are quite liberal, it is unlikely that she will immediately let you know whether she likes you or not for a long-term relationship. It may take more than half a year until the girl decides to invite you to her home. You need to be patient and demonstrate your understanding of the situation and perseverance.
  • Inviting to a girl’s house is a very important and crucial step. Considering the previous point, if you are invited to her home – it means that you are exactly the one with whom she would like to spend her life, which means it is time to get acquainted with her parents. This is a very serious moment that should not be overlooked or ignored.

Tips for a successful date with a Malaysian

  • It is best to know in advance what this girl is expecting from a man. How she sees your union and what you have to do to make her happy and satisfied.
  • She will definitely tell you the truth in the face if she doesn’t like you. She also voices her wishes loudly. In general, this nation is considered as one of the loudest in the world. You will have a great time, but if you did something wrong, you will immediately learn about it from her. It is worth noting that she will also honestly tell you about everything good and pleasant.
  • These are very honest girls. And, if you get acquainted with her on the Internet, most likely, all the information on her profile is absolutely real and honest. She expects the same from you. If you received a question from her, answer directly, do not lie, it is noticeable and immediately, do not spoil the impression.
  • The easiest way is to find a Malaysian of your level. That is, if you are an educated person, you will be interested in such girls. Therefore, it is better to fill out the questionnaire truthfully to avoid misunderstandings.
  • All people are different, but they all need care not only physical or spiritual but also material. If you are serious about a long-term relationship with a girl, make some money to show her and her family that you are able to provide, feed and treat her.
  • Be open with your mind and heart. Even if you liked each other online, it’s not a fact that this relationship will continue in real life. After all, we can just don’t like each other. Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself and with the girl and look at what is happening really.
  • Do not forget the importance of being serious about her. The question should be followed by an honest and serious answer, not with a smile or a picture.
  • Post your photos close-up. So the girl will understand what kind of person you are, whether she likes you. A profile with an old photo raises serious suspicions.


Malaysians are beautiful, honest and family-oriented. So if you need someone like that, don’t waste your time! Register and start changing your life!