Who among men do not dream of getting an oriental beauty as his wife? What about Sri Lankan women? Maybe you didn’t even wonder how nice and beautiful the ladies of this particular nationality are. We would like to slightly open the veil of mystery and tell you about these amazing women.

True, proud and graceful beauty, who adores her husband and children, is engaged almost entirely in the family. What do you think, if it can happen in the modern technological world when many women fight on equal rights with men for posts and chairs in business and politics? All of this is about beautiful Sri Lankan women.

We have collected complete information about these amazing oriental women. We would also like to suggest the best resources to acquaint with them and what is needed for that.

Sri Lankan girls

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Is the woman in her natural appearance beautiful for you? For Sinhala (the main ethnic group of people in Sri Lanka) it is obvious. Local women do not use makeup at all (rather, it is because of the climate – it’s very humid and hot here). They don’t worry because of excess weight or lack of strongly pronounced waist, and they may even have vegetation on their bodies. And this is not only ordinary but also beautiful. This is how a sample of real femininity looks like.

Their Appearance

You cannot call Sri Lanka girls invisible or “dull”. They naturally have bright and unforgettable appearance – dark skin, excellent white teeth, huge black eyes, and long black hair. The hair is so strong and unruly that they need to oil it to make the hair and braid look neat.

Their Style

Next, it is clothes. The national dress of the local ladies is a sari, originally from India. Usually, they are very stylish and have an appropriate look. Saris, made of bright and high-quality fabric, are clothes for working women. Her tailoring takes an average of 8 meters of fabric. It is sewn so that the belly, chest, and legs are necessarily covered with folds of clothing, but arms or back can be opened.

As for housewives, their style of clothing is simple and unpretentious. They choose the casual style, but not in the most successful of his combination. They wear mostly skirts below the knees, skinny jeans (but with a dress on top of them), blouses and tops. It is important that all these things are made from natural fabrics – linen or cotton because the weather is very hot here. However, it is difficult to say that it all looks stylish. Things rarely combine with each other – neither in style, nor in color, nor in texture. Women, in fact, are absolutely no matter what they are wearing and how stylish it looks.

The only thing in which the styles of working and non-working Lankan converge is the absence of vulgarity and the showing of certain body parts. Being sexy is forbidden here. Exposure of the body and sexuality of a woman is not a social phenomenon, but an intimate question that concerns only her husband. Even on the beaches, you will not see them worn a bikini. Women bathe in the clothes in which they came without undressing.

Local women’ life and activities

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What is the life of the average lady from Sri Lanka? Half of them are housewives. From morning to evening, they are engaged in the fact that they arrange and improve their home life and look after the children. These cases are simple, but they have to be done daily. Sweeping their yards and adjacent streets, airing clothes and linen in the streets (it quickly becomes damp in the room and an unpleasant smell can appear), cleaning the house and cooking – these are the main activities. They also drive cars and bikes, carry children to schools, kindergartens, clubs. With special excitement and attention, they go shopping, they like to argue with sellers in order to get the best product for themselves. Basically, this is all done before the siesta (afternoon). Then the women have a rest, and in the evening they enjoy the company of the husband and children.

There are also officially employed women. There are many of them in commerce, civil service, offices, banks, and social institutions. And there is also hard physical labor –a collecting tea. This work is traditionally female, but only socially unprotected Tamil women are engaged in it. They get for it$ 1 per bag of small tea leaves.

Interestingly, these local Asian men readily help their wives after their work. They gather in a harvest, chop wood, go shopping, teach children or clean the house. Even if the woman is a housewife, a man will always come to help her.

It is also surprising that a Sri Lankan girl will never carry a heavy bag or do man’s work. She will ask the nearest man for help, even if the man is a stranger. And she will always receive the help.

Sri Lankan culture dating – interesting and useful things

Sri Lanka girls are now completely free to choose a partner. But it was so not always. A few decades ago, parents always chose a partner for their daughter. Of course, this is because the young lady could easily be fascinated by some unworthy person. Parents carefully studied the available “candidates” from the circle of their communication, got to know better both the guy and his family, and only then made a decision.

Currently, such traditional matchmaking is extremely rare somewhere in small settlements. In the cities everything is different. As in any other country, here you can freely date and walk in pairs with holding hands. But do not afford anything more. Integrity must be kept until marriage! Such relationships are innocent and not based on sexual preferences, but only on the feeling of love, mutual respect, and care.

Parents, of course, are also interested in the choice of children, and can help with advice, suggest something or organize a wedding. But dating now takes place without them, and the girl herself chooses a couple and decides whether a person is suitable for her. Religious beliefs, as well as the geographical and social position of the groom, don’t matter. This fundamentally distinguishes this country from neighboring India, where marriages between representatives of different social classes or religions are impossible until now.

The importance of choosing the right husband is very noticeable here because divorces in Sri Lanka are an expensive and undistributed phenomenon. In addition, a divorced woman will not be able to remarry. Therefore, being in a pair, people learn to negotiate among themselves, get used to, often yield to each other, but try to keep peace and love in the family.

Sri Lankan culture dating is similar to ones in other countries. As elsewhere, people get to know each other at work, universities, and schools. But there are practically no places for casual acquaintances. In Sri Lanka, you will not find coffee shops, cinemas, discos. In addition, a lonely girl is rarely met. They usually go in pairs or in groups of several people.

That is why online dating is so popular now in this country. Girls are happy to register on dating sites, chat with young people and go on dates.

Best websites for dating with Sri Lanka girl

In order not to waste time searching for the best service for dating, we have collected 8 best services for dating with Lankan girls. Here they are:


There are several rules and features that you should know before you go on a first date with such a lady. For example:

Remember that public expressions of love are not particularly accepted here and may be misinterpreted. For example, even holding a hand is a completely harmless sign, but not for public transport or other public places. If you are in a relatively deserted place, this is quite permissible, because it does not embarrass the girl and you with her.

Sri Lanka is a very small country. Regardless of whether you met online, at the bar, or in a different way, remember that, perhaps, some of your friends, current or future colleagues are familiar with your girlfriend. And even considering that Sri Lanka is quite cosmopolitan among many other Asian countries, it still remains quite conservative. And the people who surround you can convict you or your girlfriend for frequent meetings. This may subsequently entail difficulties in finding employment or friendship with some people. These are the rules here, so be careful!

Take care of your sexual health. Since there is no proper sex education, each person decides how much he should think about it. If you meet in Sri Lanka, take care of contraceptives. If you are a visitor, take stock of familiar remedies from home. You should not hope that in this country someone will take care of you, including local pharmacology.

If you are a member of the LGBT community, you should be careful about showing your relationship to each other. By law, same-sex relationships are illegal here. However, metropolitan people treat LGBT couples quite positively, because even among the residents there are many of them. But, despite this, clearly, show love in public places is not worth it. It is dangerous.

Meeting with potential partners could take place at various locations. It can be mutual friends or family, various courses or classes, work. For foreigners or just visitors, dating sites will be an excellent option (you can learn with the review in advance) or open events. For example, all sorts of evening quizzes, open classes in yoga or surfing and others. Before you arrive, check this with your friends.

Plan your routes and places to visit in advance. Being already married or just intending to invite a girl to an unusual date, explore local offers. Here, an incredible number of unusual leisure options – riding in a balloon, watching wild animals in their natural habitat, diving, or simply contemplating a stunning sunset. This should be taken care of in advance, and everything is prepared and ordered because on arrival you simply “run up” from the diversity.

Make the first step. Probably, to this place of the article, you already understood that the conservative nature of girls, especially Sinhalese women, does not allow them to show any obvious interest in foreign men because they are afraid to appear accessible, flirtatious or misunderstood sexually. If you are lonely, willing to communicate and meet with girls, show your polite persistence and perseverance.

Sri Lankan brides – all you need to know?

sri lankan women

Those girls who decided to sign up on a dating website just want to improve and diversify their lives by finding a husband abroad. And that’s all. You should not consider this act in any other way or look for a share of frivolity in it. This process is completely legal in the country and is not condemned even by the most conservative morality. It is worth understanding. Lankan brides have a number of significant advantages:

Honest and modest

There are the main distinguishing features of these women. They will tell you the whole truth about themselves and their lives, without hiding anything. You can safely share with her the most secret too, and discuss future plans with her. All this information is definitely not going to “leak” anywhere. These brides are excellent housewives. They highly respect and value their husband and family relationships. Sri Lankans seek to find a strong and courageous, caring and understanding person. They will be the perfect wives for this man!


Who does not want to find a partner who will take care of you and respect you? Even strong-willed people sometimes need someone’s protection and affection. Sri Lankans are just like that. They will respect you and your authority. Honoring the head of the family is in the blood of this nation. However, it should be understood that respect and reverence are not helpfulness. You will be listened to if your attitude towards your wife is also respectful and polite. If she is comfortable with you, she will be a great ally in all your deals and endeavors. She will help you improve and move forward in all directions. You will achieve maximum success in all your affairs with her!

Sociable and friendly

If you have any fears or you are unsure of yourself, only these girls will help you to overcome everything. You will not have awkward pauses in conversations. You will find many topics for communication. Just start asking the girl about her interests and hobbies, and you will see everything for your own eyes!


These girls can very seriously get involved in the work they are engaged in, even if they are cleaning the house. This can greatly help you in your business. Whatever you do, your wife will help you!


As you can see, Sri Lanka is not only an island of dreams but also the “forge” of brides. Spend a bit of your time, register on mentioned dating sites and very soon you will have such a wonderful oriental girl, which you will be proud of!