Without exaggeration, I will say: Turkish women are a real catch – or better to say – a treasure for Western men! Those who watched at least one Turkish series and admired the beauty and behavior of the heroines will understand what this is about. Because of their upbringing and traditions, they are taught to respect men of any age. But this does not mean that they are discriminated. Nowadays, there is no place for discrimination in Turkey. They are good at creating a family as well as maintaining a stable career. They have an active social life, love to succeed in various fields and can sincerely and beautifully love. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Turkish Brides

Features of Turkish Ladies


Some may imagine women in Asia as a sufficiently discriminated part of the population and this will be partly true. But not for turkey! In this regard, the fate of Turkish girls is not similar to Arabic women’s. Years have passed and many things in the social sphere have changed. Now Turkish girls have the right to choose, vote, work, be heard, show their independence, etc. Of course, there is no limit to perfection, but now the situation is better than a few years ago.


The educational sphere is also not perfected, as some girls in Turkey do not get any education. But again, let’s look at the good side: the situation is much better than before. Turkish girls still graduate from universities, receiving higher education; get grants and scholarships; learn other languages. And don’t worry: Turkish mail order brides are ALWAYS intelligent and educated. Otherwise, you would not see them on dating platforms.

Family Values

Do you think that there are no girls who can simultaneously be competent careerists and engage in self-development, but at the same time devote a lot of time to the family? Then you’re wrong: Turkish girls – a golden example of such “multitaskers”. Despite their life goals, they are traditional in their family values and make family one of the top priorities. They deeply respect the ancient family traditions, believe that every woman should have children and create family comfort every second of their free time.

Stunning Appearance

Turkish women for marriage have always been considered as ‘beauty bombs’. In their appearance, the beauty of the peoples of Asia, Arabian hints and European facial features are mixed. These girls have beautiful brown eyes, long dark hair and lovely skin. They take care of the skin exceptionally well. The figures of Turkish girls have graceful curves and are considered to be very hot.

Breaking Myths About Turkish Women

Unfortunately, now there are a lot of stereotypes about Turkey and the mentality of the country. And, it’s good to say, these stereotypes do not correspond to reality at all. So let’s discover the truth together: what are Turkish ladies really like?


They Are Conservative, Limited by Traditions and Culture

Happy to tell you that this is an absolute lie. Due to ignorance or lack of understanding of the topic of Turkish culture, many mistakenly think that religion and traditions rule everything and everyone in Turkey, like in other Muslim countries. In Turkey, a lot of cultural trends are mixed from different sides of the world. So people are also very open to changes and do not get stuck in the past for a very long time.


Turkish Brides Want Your Money

Wow, this is a serious statement, but is it confirmed by facts? For some reason, so many men are convinced that the only thing that a Turkish beauty wants to get from them is a Green card. Although Turkish women are very open to other cultures, moving to Western countries like America is not their goal. Almost all women (I say ‘almost’, as there are always exceptions) are looking for their love, not a one-way ticket.

“Okay, if not a Green card, then they just want my money!” – you would say. It would sound a little cynical, but if they wanted to get someone’s money without much difficulty, they would have used the men from Turkey without making it difficult for them to date a man on a dating platform. There are exceptions and ridiculous cases, but in general, Turkish ladies are well-educated, cultured and come to dating websites with one goal – to find the love of their whole life.


They Are Used to Obeying Men and Therefore Behave Timidly and Unnaturally.

The topic of relations between women and men in Turkey has already been mentioned a little from above. So we can easily say that nowadays there is no domination of men over women in Turkey and they feel comfortable and free in their country. Of course, the behavior of Turkish women is different from, say, the behavior of American women due to the peculiarities of culture, mentality, and other things, but in general, the stereotype that they feel humiliated should be broken.

Turkish Brides1

How to Find a Perfect Turkish Bride?

Choose a Turkish Dating Site

First of all, you need a foundation to start developing relationships. Daring platforms (which will be discussed a little later) can become such a foundation. Choose the right website and register. Registration usually does not take more than 5 minutes of your life.

Create Your Profile

Pay attention to mentioning all your best features in the profile description and also choose your best photo.

Browse Profiles

Carefully look through the profiles of women (oh, this is not an easy job, as there can be thousands of beautiful profiles) and decide which girl you want to start chatting with. We recommend choosing 2-3 women because by doing so, you have more chances to succeed.


Chat with your girlfriend regularly and try to arrange a date with her offline.

Best Turkish Women Dating Sites


It’s a good dating platform with convenient interface, cute design and lots of opportunities for newcomers. This website has:

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The last but not least is MatchTruly dating site. This is a dating platform with profiles of girls from around the world (including Turkish brides). The advantages of this site are:

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Turkish beauties are the dream of any western man. They are eccentric bright individualities who at the same time, know how to love dearly and want to have a strong family in the future. They respect their country and love to discover the traditions of other countries. These girls combine inner passion and outward attractive calm.

If you are interested in dating Turkish women, turn on all your charisma and sociability and use mentioned-above dating platforms to find your true love. Now you know about Turkish dating culture, so go ahead and start your love journey today.