Interestingly, so far, Uzbekistan is a great inexhaustible source of gorgeous women for marriage. As a result of many reasons, especially the social and demographic situation in the country, there are a lot of girls who are actively looking for a western fiancé abroad. Since there are not as many visitors here as we would like, and the girls themselves also travel a little, the only way is to use international dating websites.

Dating Platforms to Meet Uzbek Brides


Is it too easy to be true, right? Perhaps you thought, why did nobody come to Uzbekistan for a beautiful and kind wife before? Most likely, the propaganda of the Cold War times acted in the people for a long time. Then the opinion spread that the whole of Eastern Europe is very dangerous – it is inhabited by wild beasts, hunger is raging everywhere, and surveillance by the KGB is widespread. Therefore, it is customary to fear trips to Uzbekistan. But in fact, all the information spread was a lie and now there are too many beautiful Uzbek women in the country who are waiting for their fate.

Previously, marriages were made solely by the decision of the parents. The wedding then consisted of a number of rituals – the bride’s sale, numerous religious sacraments, rich multi-day feasts. The groom’s family had to pay for all the wedding expenses and make presents to the bride’s family. Now everything is different, and wedding with a foreigner for Uzbek brides is quite common and normal.

Uzbek brides – dating traditions and girls’ features

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The bulk of the population (men and women) are indigenous Uzbeks. There are only 8% of Russians here. Girls have a magical appearance. They are tall, with a slender and graceful figure. Most of them have dark long hair and brown (even black) eyes. In many ways, they resemble both Turks and Persians. All women look after themselves and are very proud of their appearance. But if you are a lover of blue-eyed blondes, do not waste time, there are practically none of them here.

Unfortunately, the situation in the country is such that many young people have to work a lot and hard (mostly manual labor), which brings them neither satisfaction nor money. This is especially true of people without higher education. Therefore, it is very difficult to earn even a regular trip to a good restaurant. The same is with creating a family and ensuring a comfortable and beautiful life for wife and children. Therefore, many good and kind, but poor boys from Uzbekistan cannot afford either a wife or a wedding. What do women do in this case? For example, they are looking for a groom abroad.

What is the advantage for you, as for that foreign groom?

You can learn a lot of articles, but the final review will be only one. Uzbek woman is a great wife. This concerns many aspects. First, she knows exactly what her husband needs. She will take care of you and your children, and maintain peace and harmony in the family. The girl will do everything possible to save the family because the divorce for her is a great shame. Such women are very pragmatic and confidently look to the future. In a relationship with them, you will be able to avoid unnecessary scenes and dramas, because the girl knows exactly what she needs from marriage and will direct all her strength to this, and not to hysterics. Most likely, she has a university degree and may already be working. They are easily given humanitarian subjects and languages, so it is likely to get a wife who speaks English fluently.

Uzbekistan dating: main tips

Uzbekistan, in addition to stunning girls of unearthly beauty, has a centuries-old distinctive history. The country is multinational, as well as many nomads lived here before. Accordingly, a number of customs and traditions are used now by the population. And all of them should be taken into account even when meeting online. So:

Uzbek ladies are very conservative

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They are much more conservative than, for example, British. Accordingly, their whole life and lifestyle correspond to the paradigm that a man is the head of a family. He secures the family financially, makes all responsible decisions for each family member, and protects the house. The woman, in this case, is the emotional part of the family. She is engaged in home, children, cleaning, cooking, and other women’s affairs. Of course, now there are a lot of guys who can and love to cook, but in Uzbekistan, it does not look like in a masculine way. Therefore, make sure that your level of conservativeness coincides with her level. She will certainly compromise with you, but she may continue to have internal contradictions.

Sex before marriage is not welcome

This is not to say that it is something unheard of, but here it is not accepted. Usually, this issue does not attach much importance, because the girl tries to get married immediately after the school’s graduation. There are practically no such long meetings with a guy here. Steps are: to get acquainted with the girl, to get to know each other for a few months and to get married. It was only needed to woo parents, ask their permission for the wedding.

The importance of the first impression

Uzbekistan girl for marriage will definitely pay attention to your appearance. Try to look decent and conservative. Avoid fashionable things. Even a piece of Uzbek national costume would be an excellent option. She will remember it for sure. Treat it like a game.

Be confident

Girls love these guys. Find a mutually interesting topic of conversation. It is important not only to talk a lot about yourself but also to have a dialogue with the girl. Then your date will be remembered.

Consider the features of culture

According to her canons, you must obtain the consent of a girl for dates, to receive approval from her parents. Even in the initial stages of a relationship, it is worthwhile to show yourself as the head of the family. So is taken here.

Religious issues

Many Uzbeks are Muslim. But this does not complicate your marriage, thanks to the considerable conservatism of local girls. If your religious beliefs come into conflict with its concepts, you need to make a common decision and change the religion for someone from the couple.

Learn a few words in her native language to impress her

The youth of Uzbekistan mostly tolerably speak English. But knowing at least a few basic words of her language (with pronunciation) will significantly add points to you.

Do not consider it limited or uneducated

In big cities there is access to the Internet, so your stories about the “outside world” will be ridiculous and inappropriate.

Humor will help you!

However, jokes about her family or country are inappropriate, at least in the initial stages of a relationship.


Finding a good Uzbek girl is both difficult and easy. On the one hand, they are all open to you, and on the other hand, you need to spend a little effort so that everything goes smoothly and pleasantly for both parties. But you will definitely enjoy this experience.

If your meeting takes place in her homeland, carefully plan your trip. In this country, much will be unusual for you. Good luck in finding the best Uzbek bride!