Disclaimer: The below list is our choice – you have to follow your own arguments while choosing the right one.

Vietnamese girls are considered to be one of the most wonderful women on the planet. They relate to culture, which appreciates its traditions and at the same time uses modern experience for the benefit of the nation. In certain meanings, Vietnamese women repeat their culture principle as being loyal to the conservative approach in relationships and family matters using modern experience in order to benefit from it together with close people. This is the general reason why Vietnamese girls are so popular among males from America, Canada, and Western Europe. 

As a result, the question of how and where the search of the nice Vietnamese lady should be performed becomes more relevant with each new day. The standard answer, which proposes to visit bars, expositions or cultural days’ events can be applied for those, who have time, although it doesn’t guarantee that the Vietnamese women will visit the same places as you do. So the more efficient way to resolve the issue is required. As the result, the Vietnamese dating has been relocated to the online sphere, where you can perform your specific search, spend some online time together and become closer with a potential girlfriend before the real meeting and possible visit to Vietnam.

Vietnamese Dating Culture

People, who registered at online dating apps are not always seeking the same. It happens, that some people are looking for fun, spending some free time speaking to others, for flirting and so on. All these reasons are normal, but the point is to look for the person with the same aim at the site and in life as well.

Vietnamese girls are very serious regarding everything about relationships. They will not lie to you about feelings and are straight-forward speaking about true aims at the site. So you can be sure communicating with Vietnamese lady that she is serious in her motivation to find a life partner.

As a result, creating a family is very important for these girls and it always stands in the first place. They are still appreciating the role of mother and maternity in a woman’s life. Being self-confident and independent these women doesn’t use to ask for help, although appreciative when somebody cares about them. However, they always care, protect and respect family members, and all of these are always supported by an ocean of love. 

All Vietnamese women are good in householding. They used to control the family finances and were in-charge of routine activities. They are also good at gardening and some agricultural work. Of course, nowadays modern women used to go to work and to deposit to a family budget, but with a Vietnamese woman, you can be sure your home is still cozy and warm.

Online dating in Vietnam is an opportunity for girls to meet true love and create a family, where she will be a loving and passionate wife and loving mother and for males to find a loyal partner and true love. 

Meeting Vietnamese Woman

Actually, Viet women don’t have any special demands from men. Otherwise, they appreciate traditional values and prefer to rely on themselves, although the role of the man include the treats of strong, well-educated (cause all Viet woman to have a degree), caring man. What can you do in order to impress her and gain more scores comparing to other candidates is to:

Learn About Her Culture

Learn some historical and cultural facts regarding Vietnam. For example, that Vietnam places the second place in the world like coffee exporter and the first one as Robusta exporter or that the level of education in Vietnam is one of the highest in the world and comprises near 94%;

Be a Gentleman

Show her you are true gentleman, little signs of attention like an opened door for her, offering some help in routing activity o just a little bouquet of flowers (sent or given) can impress her a lot;

Treat Hew Nicely

Show your special attitude to her and impress your sincere admiration, if any. All girls, without exception on Viet ones, love compliments.

Why Do Dating Sites Are Effective?

Online dating is considered to be the most effective way to meet Vietnamese singles. It is evidenced by a lot of success stories and by the amount of females profiles registered there, which increases each month! 

  • The first of all, you do not need to go to Vietnam to meet your woman. Instead of it, you can spend as much time as you need for search and for communication to become close enough with the woman you like. 
  • The second of all, you have a wider selection range and can communicate with more Viet beauties online, than in real life.
  • The third of all, you are protected from scam or other types of fraud, while you are communicated via dating sites because the administration of such platforms is responsible for high service and security for clients. 

Choosing a Reliable Platform

There are numerous options for international dating platforms nowadays that cover Vietnam. This is the reason why the question “How to choose the right one?” is more than popular. So here is a list of the most important criteria that you should check during making a decision:

Proven Positive Reputation

To check it, you will need to spend some time surfing the internet for at least a couple of independent reviews on this platform. The best source for information about all the pros and cons of the site is comments from the real users because it is the most relevant info for you;


A security policy that allows you to avoid any worries about your personal data stealing and scammers’ profiles presence on the site. As mentioned above, protection from fraudsters is what such a website must have;

Flawless Navigation

Intuitively understandable navigation and design of the site, because it helps you to figure out how things work fast and do not waste your time in the future.

Vietnamese Dating Sites

If you do not have enough time to make such research, here are some dating resources with a proven reputation that you can use for sure:

  • AsiaCharm
  • AsianFeels
  • AsianMelodies

How to Sign Up?

Sign up or registration process is easy and fast on dating platforms. By the way, usually, platforms allow you to create an account and check out the main features of the site for free. That is quite convenient to check is the design and navigation of the site intuitively understandable.

Once you open the landing page of the website, you will see to options:

  • Sign in, for those who are already members of this platform;
  • Sign up, for those who are not members yet, but would like to register there.

After you press on sign up the bottom, you will need to make a couple more steps:

  • Fill out a brief registration form that usually includes the following questions:
  • What is your name?
  • Tell your date of birth?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your password?

Fill out your just created profile with some information about yourself that you would like to share with women on this site and upload at least a couple of your photos there.

How to Search For Your Love?

Once your profile is created, the first thing that you would like to do is to start your communication with beautiful Viet women. And yes, you will need to pay for it, because such websites use a paid basic system of work. It is totally understandable. They filter those who did not understand how serious is their attitude to find serious relationships yet and would like to use the site just for fun. Because such persons will only waste the time of other users. They can pay a salary for all members of the development, security and client support team. Every adult person knows that it is impossible to get a great service for free.

In search of your best match among a huge number of profiles, such a tool as a filter is more than helpful. So as a rule, dating platforms have two types of filters:

  • A simple one that allows you to filter women’s profiles by age and country of origin only;
  • Advanced one that includes many more criteria from women’s profiles information, such as:
  • What kind of relationships is she looking for?
  • Does she have children?
  • Does she want to have children? And so on.

How to Communicate?

Usually, dating websites provide you with the following communication channels:


The most dynamic and fast way of written communication, and the most popular also. That is why it exists as an option on dating sites. In such a way you will be able to exchange brief messages and find out more information about a girl in a shorter time;


Advantage of this option is that you have enough time to choose the right words to express your thoughts;


Phone or video call with an interpreter provided by a platform;


Personal meeting if you decide to visit your Viet woman.


Online dating became the most popular and effective way to find the person to spend the rest of your life together. The important step on the way to your true love is to select the correct tool -dating site, which will provide you with high-quality service and the appropriate security level from the one hand, and the huge amount of profiles for selection and communication from the other.

The rest of the things depends totally on you. You can decide what to do, how and with whom. Be patient and make efforts, so you will definitely find your love among Viet beauties!