Vietnam is not only known as a lovely destination for a vacation, but it is also famous for its beautiful and exotic women. The women from this country are friendly, fun, polite, loyal and naturally beautiful. Looking for hot Vietnamese singles who are perfect wives, then you are on the right track to happiness because many Vietnamese mail order brides are willing to experience foreign dating that leads to marriage. You can find the ideal Vietnamese brides agency among the numerous online mail order dating platforms out there and get the Vietnamese woman of your dreams.

Why You Should Date A Vietnamese mail order bride

You are looking for a Vietnamese girl because you seek true love. But why should you opt for a Vietnamese woman? What is it about the Vietnam girl that should make you sit up and take notice? Here are some of the wonderful things about the beautiful Vietnamese brides.

Beautiful all the way

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Yes, they have that unmistakable Asian quality of beauty. They are very attractive and are actually one of the best looking girls in the world. Most things about their physical features are unique. Their white skins, dark, thick flowing hair, expressive eyes, and beautiful smiles are enough to send any man insane with longing. They can make any man fall in love because at first sight any man can’t help but notice the perfection, the grace and the oozing charisma that these special women possess.

The beauty of these women doesn’t stop on the hot physical looks, it goes deep within. They have lovely personalities, are pleasant to chat to, very kind and loving. They speak beautiful things and will hardly raise their voice even when they are angry. That shows the great inner beauty they possess as well. The natural beauty of these women is exceptional, and they stay beautiful for a long time even long after aging catches up. This is the reason why many Vietnamese girls aren’t heavy makeup fans because they love their natural look.

Faithful and Loyal

Vietnamese girls are not only breath-taking with their beauty, but they are also loyal and faithful to their significant others. A Viet girl knows the meaning of loyalty and will never as much as a dream about another guy once you marry her. Everything she does, she does with her husband’s best interest at heart. It is difficult to convince a Vietnamese girl to leave her current spouse for money or adventure or any other reasons. She believes in commitment and staying in marriage through thick and thin. Faithful and loyal women are hard to come by these days. In a world that worships materialism because of the hard economic times, women stay loyal and faithful until the money runs out. At the first sign of financial trouble or any trouble that puts them at a disadvantage.

Strong Family Values

Like with many Asian girls, the family is important to the Vietnamese woman. She values her own families who have raised her into the fine young woman. Vietnamese lady looks forward to starting her own family and exerting family values on the members of her new family that she intends to start with you. She believes families should stay together and divorce is not something she would think about easily. No doubts that she will always put her family first and all the other things afterward. She will not only love you but your family as well.

Your parents and siblings will be hers as well, and she will go to great lengths to ensure that you and the kids are well taken care of in that special way that only a family-oriented woman can. Besides if you are living with your elderly parents, she will never force them to go into a retirement home, she will care for them in the best way like they were her biological parents.

Never Materialistic

A Vietnam bride will not try to live beyond her means. She will only get what she can afford and never covet what she cannot have. A Vietnam lady will also spend sparing and will never waste money on impulse buying and unimportant things like the latest designer clothes, a lot of makeup and so on. She cares about money alright, but it is not the main thing that controls her decisions. A Viet girl will never ask you your net worth unless you tell her. It is not what will determine whether she dates you or not. So whether you are a multi-millionaire or an average hard working man looking for love, she will value the kind of relationship you will have with her and not your money.


The Viet girl is a hardworking one and doesn’t just wait for a wealthy foreigner to come and sweep her off her feet and provide the lavish lifestyle. She is self-reliant, works hard to fend for herself, and you will not have to meet all her needs once you marry her. She believes in making her own money an attitude that she has probably learned from the Vietnam War generation of women who taught their daughters the importance of hard work and fending for themselves when the men are not around. This is the best bride for marriage because you know even when you are not able to work and earn a living due to unavoidable circumstances she can comfortably step right in and hold the forte.

Most of them never drink or smoke

It is very rare to find smoking or drinking Vietnamese mail-order brides. There was a survey done which indicated that only 5% of Vietnamese girls use tobacco. They consider drinking and smoking not only an unhealthy practice but an unladylike habit. According to them proper ladies who make great mothers and wife shouldn’t drink or smoke. This is very true because we all know the dangers of alcohol and smoking.

Most humble of mail order brides

The Vietnamese woman is very modest, and you will never hear her bragging about her beauty or accomplishments. She will never let her beauty or the attention she receives get into her head. Despite the striking beauty she posses, she will never think of herself better than others and will treat everyone around her including potential suitors with a lot of respect.

No trace of arrogance appears in every manner that she relates to others or behaves. This makes her an ideal wife for any man who wants to raise a family with a loyal and submissive wife by his side. Most marriage problems today are as a result of women not staying humble and being submissive. Many modern women believe that besting their husbands makes them equal, better or more modern. The Vietnamese woman would never think of herself as better than her husband or try to make him look bad or anger him in any way.

Useful Tips for Dating a Vietnamese woman

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When dating a Vietnamese woman, you have to play your part as the ideal man. For her to accept you as the man of her dreams, you have to exhibit qualities that she likes and behave in a manner that will make her happy. Here are some things that you can keep in mind when dating your Vietnamese bride.

Show her respect

There is no way a Viet girl will give you her time of the day if you don’t show her respect. She has been taught to respect everyone she meets and relates to. Therefore respect means a lot for her and she will expect it from you. Find out ways that you can make her feel special. Talk to her gently and lovingly, give her unique gifts that she will find delightful. Take her to great places and carry on pleasant conversations with her.

Show love and appreciation to her family

Since the Viet girl values her family, she will love it if you show interest in her family. You can get her parents a gift when you come to meet them for the first time. Thank them a lot for the time they have invested in raising such a beautiful daughter. If the family happens to have a get-together, weddings or other function, it would mean a lot for her if you attended. There is no way you will claim to love a Vietnamese girl and not love the members of her family. When you love her family, she will do the same for you.

Don’t try to flaunt your money on her face.

You can’t win the heart of a Vietnamese girl with money because she is not for sale. Don’t try to pay for her so she can accept your proposal because you can’t buy a wife. It is true you are going to spend money when you date a Viet girl but not on her demands. The money will be spent on important things such as flights, accommodation, and marriage ceremony. So don’t try to impress her with how rich you are because that will not mean anything to her. She either likes who you are or not. If she falls in love with you, it will not be because of your huge net worth but because she finds you charming and bearing all the qualities of her ideal man.

Avoid sex talks

Talk of hot sex and romance are frowned upon by the Viet girl. You might be dying to take her to bed, make love to her because she is so beautiful and you love her. It is important not to make your longing obvious. You will, in the end, make love to her as passionately as you want but you will have to convince her that you are the right man for her. Launching into raunchy sex talk on your first meeting is a sure way to turn her off and make her lose interest in you. Start the sex talk only after you have married her. By then she will also want not only to hear the sex talk but eagerly waiting to make passionate love to you.

Interesting facts about Vietnam

As you continue your journey of seeking the ideal Viet mail-order bride for you, it is important to know some quick, interesting facts to make you understand her better.

  1. The Vietnamese culture is based on family, humanity, community, and peace.
  2. The Vietnamese people are heavily superstitious, and gifts such as yellow flowers, black gifts, and handkerchiefs are considered a bad omen. So when you gift her or members of her family, clearly avoid such gifts.
  3. All their meals have the five distinct Asian elements which are sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and salty.
  4. For restorative and vitality purposes, the people of Vietnam drink Ruou ran which is also known as “Snake Wine”. The drink is simply a prickled snake in rice wine.
  5. The most common mode of transportation in the country is the motorbike, and there are around 45million registered motorcycles in the country.
  6. In Asia, Vietnam has one of the best education systems with literacy levels of more than 97%. People between the age of 15 and 50 years can read and write.
  7. The country is also the number two producer of coffee and the number one producer of cashew nuts.

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Armed with all the information you know about Vietnamese mail-order brides, you can now confidently sign up with one of the reliable mail order bride sites and get yourself the ideal woman. By the time it reaches the point where you have to make that trip to Vietnam, you will be prepared to make your Vietnamese woman for marriage fall in love with you. Imagine spending the rest of your life with such a beautiful woman by your side. Having to stare at that beautiful Viet face and having to enjoy that pleasant personality is worth all the trouble you have to go through to find her.