Meet Yemeni Wives

Nowadays men often use matrimonial services when they seek something special. One of their favorite choices is Yemeni mail order brides. These girls live in a nice and large country, which is located in the Arabian Peninsula. As plenty of different waters wash it, you can enjoy the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden. You will encounter more green areas in the western part while on the east you may enjoy desert Rub al-Khal. However, the most important are the Yemeni people. With their friendly and hospitable nature, foreigners are encouraged to look for women for marriage in this country.

Yemeni mail order brides

Where to Find A Yemeni Bride?

If you wish to get a Yemeni mail order bride, you first have to find her. It can be done in several ways. The first one is to go to matrimonial agencies. They have a database of Yemeni girls for marriage and you can choose one of them. Among the advantages, you can read their portfolios and be sure that they also try to find someone. Alternatively, to matrimonial services, you can use online dating sites. In order to use them, you have to join and create your personal profile. Then you will have to communicate with Yemeni brides and develop relationships totally by yourself. The last option is to meet a single woman personally in Yemen. You will need to visit this country and go to popular social places and try dating Yemeni women. Each of the options has its own benefits, however, with matrimonial agencies, it is easier to meet your future Yemeni wife.

Why Yemeni Women for Marriage Use Matrimonial Services?

Many foreign men consider that Yemeni brides at matrimonial services seek for easy living with a wealthy foreigner. It is true for some of them, but every person is different. There are far more important reasons why these pretty Yemeni girls want to encounter foreigners.

  • Arranged marriages. In Yemen, it is still quite popular to arrange a marriage. Sometimes fathers talk with their daughters about their wishes, however, some of them are forced to marry. Moreover, in such marriages, Yemeni bride may be younger than legal age. Young marriages are still spread in poor families.
  • Discrimination. Yemeni society is patriarchal and women do not have many possibilities for self-realization. They cannot occupy some leading positions and have to go to educational or agricultural spheres. 
  • They are responsible for all domestic duties. While meeting a foreigner via matrimonial agency allows relocating to a country where women have more rights and can occupy chief positions too.
  • Domestic violence. Yemeni brides are not protected from violence at home and even streets. Men feel power over them and young age brides often suffer domestic violence. In order to escape such fate, young Yemeni brides prefer foreigners as they are more caring and will be able to treat them with love.

The Beauty of Yemeni Brides

Foreigners often are pleasantly surprised when they check profiles of Yemeni brides at matrimonial services. The main reason is that they expect to see hijab or burqa as Yemeni society is Islamic. However, it is a bit different in this country. Women are not forced to cover their heads, but many still do this, as they do not want to face oppression and disrespect from society.

While using matrimonial databases as the Yemeni wife finder tool, you will be able to encounter a not great variety of appearances. Yemeni brides are not very tall but have long legs. Skin can be from dark shades to olive and white, that similar to European. Speaking about hair it is dark and can be curly, straight or wavy. Eyes are rather curvy and also tend to have darker shades of color.  

Another side of their attractiveness is dressing style. Even in traditional clothes, they want to highlight their beautiful sides like slim figure, long hair, and legs. Makeup is not a common thing for them. These girls prefer to wear some jewelry accessories instead of hiding their natural appearance under makeup.

Yemeni mail order brides

Common Character Traits of Yemeni Singles

Matrimonial can greatly help in learning more about Yemeni brides as you can read a portfolio. It allows you to learn about the bride’s personal interests, character traits, expectations from future husband, review photos, etc. However, if you plan to date someone online or offline by yourself it is better to be prepared. In this overview, you can learn about their standard features that are developed under cultural, religious and social peculiarities.


As Yemen is an Islamic country, then it is obvious that women there are Muslims. Even more, it is one of the most religious countries in the world. It means that Islam plays a very important role in everyday life. If you plan to marry a Yemeni bride you may be asked to change your belief as interreligious brides are forbidden. Moreover, marrying foreigners is illegal, and Yemeni brides have to receive permission from the minister.


Speaking about education, in recent years more women have received higher education. Every year, the literacy rate increases. English language in the most popular foreign language to be studied there. It means that there are fewer chances that you will have difficulties in communication with them. Parents care about the education of their children and often send them to study abroad. While it is difficult for Yemeni brides to become employed in the homeland, marrying a foreigner allows them not to be a burden for a partner as they work in the sphere they are interested in.


Yemen families are very traditional. Women take care of everyone at home, while they receive support from other members. Young Yemeni girls often take care of younger siblings and learn how to cook and keep the house tidy up. When they grow up, they become wonderful wives as you can enjoy delicious food and rely on them. Children grow with deep love from parents that are always ready to help, even when they grow up.

Parents play a very important role in the life of every Yemeni bride. In order to be able to marry these girls, you have to receive approval from parents, what for foreigners it is not very simple. However, if you are lucky to win your Yemeni wife, then she will move to your house after marriage. As not every Yemeni family is rich, girls may be married at a young age, as they will have a better life with husbands.


You may do not worry that Yemeni brides cannot talk to men outside if they are not accompanied by someone. You can easily approach them and have a pleasant conversation. These girls are friendly and do not mind talking with foreigners. Instead, as they rarely go abroad, meeting a foreigner is a great opportunity for them to learn something exciting about other countries.


Even with women discrimination and domestic violence, divorce rates are quite low in Yemen. Divorce is not forbidden and both women and men are allowed to apply for divorce, but it is just not very common for them. Wives are devoted to their husbands. Polygamy is not popular in Yemen but still exists. If a man is wealthy enough to treat each wife equally, it is allowed to have up to four wives. The new generation of Yemeni brides are more excited about the European style of families and they can be jealous.


Meeting Yemeni brides allows an understanding of how kind people can be. Even if there are difficulties in their lives, you will encounter kindness in Yemen. Women are polite and ready to help tourists that got lost in the city. That is what husbands feel from their Yemeni partners. Kind does not always mean calm and quiet. Yemeni brides can easily be very emotional and loud but you will still enjoy their company.


In order to develop strong relationships between people, it is important, to be honest. That is an attitude of Yemeni brides when you are dating a person. For a mutual future, you should be confident in your partner. Only when you can rely on another person in stressful situations, you will be able to overcome them together. Therefore, Yemeni brides are honest and expect to see this trait in men.

To Sum Up

Marrying Yemeni bride is not an easy task as you will have to overcome different obstacles like family approval, society, country and religion rules. However, you can become a happy man with a Yemeni wife.